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Introducing an adult fantasy where the "hero's journey" is made by a 36-year-old mom of two.

When Michelle is transported to a world of her own imagination, her only hope of saving her children is to save the fantasy world of her abandoned novel.

Michelle is an exhausted homeschool mom trying to hold the home together during her husband’s deployment. Her son is running a fever and her daughter can’t keep her head out of the clouds long enough to complete three math problems. And all that remains of Michelle’s dream of being an author lies neatly tucked away out of sight. 

But when 9-year-old Sammie finds Michelle’s old journals and begins adding to them with her own imagination, she writes herself into Kalpania—the fantasy world of Michelle’s old novel—and Michelle soon follows. But that world is dying. The Shadow Witch seeds despair as an incurable illness creeps across the land. Michelle must partner with her own main character, face the Shadow Witch, and save the fantasy world Michelle had discarded along with her dreams.  

Michelle’s journey is one that challenges her parenting and her faith, but most of all rekindles the flame of hope in darkness.

The Queen & the Shadow Witch: A Mother-Daughter Fantasy

Tales from the Backcountry: An Anthology

Read my short story: "The Unfriendly Woods" in Tales from the Backcountry.

I’m excited to announce that my first published short story is out in this new anthology along with many other talented writers. 

The king is dead and Talmarain has fallen, but the Dravens (and others) have tales to tell yet. In this anthology, M.L. Little and seven community authors present the following stories:

  • A journey into the world of the Nullians, the beloved creatures from The Book of Secrets
  • A look at what came next for the Dravens once the dust of war settled
  • The mysterious Rangers of the deepest wilderness—with a twist
  • The full version of The Thimble in the Forest, a classic fairy tale
  • A cautionary fable from ancient Talmarain
  • Who wielded the stone before Gabriel? Discover part of the answer in a mystery from an emerging author
  • Chaos erupts when two beloved characters from different worlds collide
  • A novella of the lesser-known, tragic history of The Highlands

Mystery, adventure, danger, and hope abound when you return to the golden shores of the Seventh Realm.

Tales from the Backcountry: An Anthology


Hidden Knight:
A Novel of a Bear

Two brothers’ choices have the potential to bring unity to a war-torn world… or divide it further.

Beau is a shy eighteen-year-old using his bear-like strength to work his first job as a furniture mover. Orphaned and raised in foster care with his older brother Kelem, Beau has no idea he’s from a world of medieval bearfolk, much less the young Berardian Knight, ruler of his people. Kelem lied to keep them together, and Beau thinks they’re biological brothers.

Kelem is a rookie cop, but he was born to be the Enoshite King. When a portal is opened, Kelem whisks them back to Adalbern. He’s intent on reclaiming his throne, even though in revealing the truth, he might lose Beau—Kelem may be human but he has come to consider Beau his brother. Beau, however, wants only to return to Earth and escape the weight of his culture’s expectations. Unfortunately, Beau has reverted to his true form: a burly black bear.

The alliance between humans and bearfolk is crumbling. Ludolf, a once trusted captain, leads a rebellion of bearfolk. He wants Kelem dead and humans eradicated. But a greater threat is rising. The ancient lord of the serpents is building an army, enacting a plan to bring all of Adalbern under his dominion.

Only if Beau takes leadership of his people can Kelem hope to save the alliance. And if Beau is going to protect Kelem, Beau must discover his true self and take his place beside his brother as the Knight of Adalbern.


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