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A New Book and New Series!

So I published my first novel. Now what? My blog has been neglected because between homeschooling and writing, I haven’t had much time for anything else. But with my first book baby out in the world, this seemed a good time to give my followers an update. It’s been a delight to provide a fantasy novel that not only represents a mom as the main character, but also a homeschooling family. The Queen and the Shadow Witch is an adult fantasy that juxtaposes the anxieties parenthood with child-like hope. Though my first book is a standalone novel, be assured, there are more books coming!


Here’s a little about my next project. A year or so ago, I was chatting with my teenage son, and he started telling me all about his imaginary world that he’d been building in his head since he was a child. Of course many kids have great imaginations, but this was downright intriguing. I told him, “This would make a great book series!” With his permission, we began outlining a four book series. It will be a YA (teen) contemporary fantasy with some sci-fi and superpower elements. 

Oh, and this series will also feature a homeschooling family. Introducing Caden Watts (age 16) and his younger sister Juliet (age 14):


I began writing it last year, but paused for the final preparations of my debut novel. It is my goal to finish or at least get close to finishing the first draft of Dragonman (the tentative title of Book 1) in a series called The Primordials. While I’m doing the actual writing, the worldbuilding entirely belongs to my son, and let me tell you, it is rich! There are dragons, portals, alternate timelines, other dimensions, time disruptions, superpowers, monsters, ghosts, and good and evil beings incarnate. We plotted out the story arc together, created new human characters together (because he only had a main character that was essentially himself), and then I plotted out the character arcs. 

I’m super excited about this series because it’s been difficult to find books that really interest my teen son. Many of the YA novels out there are not only geared more for girls, but I often feel that they are written more for women, including content not appropriate, in my opinion, for teens. The sci-fi section for teens is relatively small and the fantasy section is largely filled with romantasy. The Primordials will have lovable teen characters, but will also be packed with action and adventure that will excite teen boys and teen girls alike!

Oh, and this series will also feature a homeschooling family. Introducing Caden Watts (age 16) and his younger sister Juliet (age 14):

“When people are killed, they’re dead.”

“What?” Caden was pulled from his thoughts on quantum physics to reality. Well, Juliet’s reality anyway.

“I know!” Juliet pulled a strand of her wind-whipped dirty blonde hair out of her mouth and pushed her glasses back up her nose. “I was trying to write a philosophical opening for my novel, and that’s what I came up with.”

“I’d say it’s a killer opening,” Caden said with the most serious face he could muster.

“Very funny.” Juliet smacked his arm. “You know, it sounded deep at 11 p.m.”

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