A short collection of poems about mothers, parenting, and memories


Bleary eyed from a sleepless night
Taking rest in a chair upright
She waits not for the dawning light
Small lips, soft lashes hold her sight
Sunshine lay in her arms.

If Only

Lashes flutter against red cheeks
Overcome by restless sleep
Hair damp against his head
She a silent sentinel at his bed
Guarding against fears from within
Touching lips to his warm skin
Watching the rise and fall of his chest
Listening to his labored breath
She’d take the pain upon herself
And give to him all her health
She wipes a tear fallen from her eye
A sob escapes, a prayer, a sigh
If only a mother’s tears could heal
If only a mother’s kiss could steal
All trials from her child’s life
If only her love could revive
If only…


Midnight feeding
Early rising
Baby is teething
We cancel our date.

Juice spilling
Toddler’s screaming
One shoe is missing
We’re going to be late.

Kids are fighting
Mom is crying
Dishes piling
And a broken plate.

Homework delaying
Dinner’s burning
Dad is bemoaning
Teenagers make all a debate.

Exhausted and flailing under the weight
Slow moments passing accelerate
Little ones soon grown
Leave us alone
Longing for noises now gone.

Door is slamming
Grandchildren trooping
Memories making
Joy to create.

Happy Mother's Day!

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