Stars   I listened in the darkening night Above shimmering canopy spread Stars speaking stories without words Beholding them a window to the past Ancient twinkling sages   What history unfolded below them? Battles won or loves lost And how many others like me stood? Looking up in hope to the future Beacons through the […]

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Mountains   Mountains Purple majesty Thy crests rise above The chaos in in this world below  And remind me of the One on high   When I journey life’s valleys low It matters not the depths I go How far my spirit sinks Look up, behold! Thy peaks   Mountains Purple majesty Fix my gaze

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A Child’s Eyes

A Child’s Eyes Rocks, twigs, and leavesThe child sees not theseBut sturdy little dwarvesAnd fairies with verdant wings. Trials, hardship, tearsLord, help me not to fearBut give me a child’s eyesFull of hope and heart to sing. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post, consider buying me a cup of coffee to keep

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